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What Year Was Asbestos Banned?

This is a rather complex question to answer. This is because asbestos can be found all around the world, and separate laws for individual state and local government may weigh into the answer very significantly. In order to really address this question properly, it is important to consider what asbestos is.

With this basic information, you can hopefully better understand why asbestos is banned today in many environments and locations. The facts presented to you in this article will undoubtedly help you answer this question and many others you may have regarding asbestos exposure.

In the most basic way, the question "what year was asbestos banned?" is a plea for knowledge. Asbestos is a mineral that is typically very small or even microscopic in size. Because of this, asbestos is often invisible to the naked eye. This mineral was frequently used in home and construction related products, especially twenty years ago and earlier.

As the development of modern science has continued, new research has found that asbestos is actually a life-threatening substance to most human beings and animals. It is for this very reason that asbestos has managed to get banned in many countries around the world.

The big question many people will have is with regard to the United States is what year was asbestos banned? The easiest answer is July 12th, 1989. This is when the Environmental Protection Agency, which is contracted by the United States government, found asbestos to be an unhealthy product to be used in home and work environments and products.

This knowledge was the accumulation of modern scientific research and medical conditions stemming from prolonged exposure to asbestos. Unfortunately, while this is the true answer to this question as a short response, the issue is much more muddled than this.

In 1991, the easy answer to the question what year was asbestos banned in the United States became outdated. This is because the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans was able to overturn the original legislation, rendering it unconstitutional. This is a strange occurrence considering how negatively asbestos can influence people's lives.

However, it makes some sense given that some other substances that are equally threatening like cigarette smoking are still legal. A variety of asbestos infested products remain illegal. However, the usage of asbestos is still acceptable to a certain degree.

So, what year was asbestos banned? Again, the simple answer is 1989; however the actual answer is much more complex. While asbestos still remains banned in some ways throughout the country, there are certainly some workarounds that make it possible to use this substance in new buildings. Not to mention, asbestos is still allowed to exist in older products and buildings that predate this legislation.

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