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What Is The Latest Mesothelioma Disease Information?

One of the most aggressive cancers of the last century is also the one least known about in the public eye. Mesothelioma disease information was the least talked about, especially when it came to public news about dangers of asbestos. Strides towards ending this cancer were accomplished when the substance that causes it, asbestos, was removed, by law, from many of the same places that workers were exposed to it, like factories and shipyards, and its use in construction became outlawed. It was not until a number of workers in the mines where it was cultivated came down with the cancer than more information was finally released to the public.

What Is Mesothelioma?

Now that the world has learned more Mesothelioma disease information, some basic facts have become known about this very aggressive form of cancer. It is chiefly caused by exposure to asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral mined throughout the Southwest, and the victims most likely to develop it were construction workers, miners, and industrial workers that created the insulation used in construction and other industries.

Mesothelioma disease information also revealed that this cancer is primarily found in the lining of the lungs, heart and abdomen. Pleural Mesothelioma, where the asbestos fibers have lodged themselves within the very liner that allows the lungs their free movement during breathing, is the most common. Pericardial Mesothelioma is more rare, when asbestos fibers have found their way into the pericardium, the membrane around the heart. Peritoneal Mesothelioma, is also rare, and occurs when the asbestos finds its way to the stomach lining.

Symptoms And Treatment

The symptoms associated with Pleural Mesothelioma, the most common form according to Mesothelioma disease information, begins with shortness of breath, an extraordinary buildup of fluid within the lungs, and chronic hoarseness. By the time this cancer is diagnosed, the victim is also experiencing chronic coughing, with blood, muscle weakness and chest pain. Final stages include sensory loss, paralysis and swelling in the face and arms. All too often companies claimed that their workers were affected by it because they also smoked, causing the fibers to be inhaled in that manner, and ineligible for compensation through attorneys and law firms.

The treatment options available for this common form, according to Mesothelioma disease information, will require several surgeries to complete. The first surgery often performed by doctors at clinics and treatment centers is a pleurectomy decortication, removing part of the lung lining in order to remove any tumors. If the tumors continue to appear, a second surgery, a extrapleural pneumonectomy, removing up to one lung, in order to get all of the tumors out of the body.

Laws And Litigation

According to Mesothelioma disease information, because the symptoms are so similar to a host of other diseases, the fact that it is cancer is often found too late for effective treatment. This has led to many lawsuits filed by lawyers against the companies responsible, and to many states creating laws to limit litigation and compensation as a result.

Slow Asbestos Reform Condemns Mesothelioma Generations

One of the major reasons for the high number of mesothelioma fatalities, currently running at 2,000 every year in England and Wales and forecast to continue for at least another 40 years, was the slow introduction and enforcement of regulations throughout the twentieth century. It was only as recently as January 2005 that the actual use of white asbestos in building materials, previously only banned as an import in 1999, came into force.

The commercial importation of asbestos into the UK began in the 1880s, initially for use in the textile industries mostly established in the north of England. The first asbestos-related death recorded as 'pulmonary asbestosis' was in 1924 and by 1930 a Government-commissioned report had found high levels of asbestosis among asbestos factory workers, which led to the first Asbestos Industry Regulations to be introduced the following year.

However, the regulations only applied to a small minority of workers who were directly exposed to dust in asbestos factories when involved in 'specific scheduled' processes of asbestos manufacture, which excluded a large number of workers, such as those employed in the building trade, insulation engineers and plumbers.

Other exclusions involved factories or workshops where, a 'limited use of asbestos', meant all or any of the Regulations could be suspended or relaxed without apparently any risk to the health of those employed! As a result, the number of both men and women exposed to asbestos grew at a huge rate from the 1940s onwards, the beginning of the 'peak period'.

In addition, companies did little to provide any asbestos awareness or protection against the breathing in of the deadly asbestos fibre dust, especially of the most toxic amphibole forms of amosite (brown asbestos) and crocidolite (blue asbestos). Their needle-like fibres would permanently impale themselves in the lung linings, leading to inflammation and asbestosis diseases or eventually causing tissue cells to form the fatal tumours of incurable mesothelioma cancer.

The timeline for the development of asbestos-related disease is up to 50 years from initial exposure to the first appearance of mesothelioma or asbestosis symptoms such as shortness of breath, persistent coughing, sweating, weight-loss or back pain.

Yet evidence for the growing emergence of a link between lung cancers and asbestos exposure only came to light from the mid 1950s and 60s, which eventually led to the first Asbestos Regulations of 1969 to limit exposure to asbestos dust - nearly 40 years after the first Regulations of 1931.

Asbestos regulation was not regarded as an important issue of urgent social reform during the peak period of use simply because the low number of deaths recorded when compared to the many mining fatalities. Some 700,000 were employed in the mining industry compared to 15,000 in asbestos manufacture, which actually meant the actual frequency ratio was similar.

The import of brown and blue asbestos was finally banned in 1985 but the use of crocidolite (white asbestos) was allowed to be continued to be used in the building industry due to its less dangerous curly 'serpentine' fibres. The Control of Asbestos Regulations from 2002 further reduced the risk of exposure to asbestos for those working in property maintenance / construction, asbestos removal and for employees working in buildings containing asbestos-containing materials (ACMs).

Consequently, entire generations of workers from the 1930s to the 1980s at least, and still alive today, were exposed to asbestos in their workplace right across the UK industrial heartlands of construction, manufacturing, engineering, shipbuilding, vehicle assembly and the railways.

As a result, the number of asbestosis claim cases continues to rise, more than doubling in 2010 and mesothelioma fatality has increased 3 per cent in 2008 with a further 45,000 mesothelioma deaths expected until at least 2050.

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Mesothelioma Cancer Lawyer

In case that you're told you have mesothelioma, it's best to try to grasp what you will be struggling with. Generally, mesothelioma patients were never even aware that they had been doing work around the presence of this carcinogen. Despite the fact that there might be certain individuals who could possibly have been advised, many of them are actually clueless regarding how and to precisely what degree they had been exposed. Getting identified as having mesothelioma can place a lot of strain on the involved individual physically, psychologically as well as financially. In case you decide to follow legal recourse, it is advisable to seek the advice of a mesothelioma legal professional so that you need not worry about the legal concerns.

Whenever you are clinically diagnosed with this disease, you ought not squander too much time. While you might believe you do not have time and fortitude to handle legal challenges, you need to act swiftly. The time limit enables people to record a suit for only a fixed time period once the prognosis is made. The statute of limitation differs from state to state. For people diagnosed with this illness, lawyers could be a worthwhile source of advice. The mesothelioma lawyer or attorney could have information regarding physicians and remedies that may turn out to be beneficial to you.

To be aware of Mesothelioma laws, it is important to fully understand Mesothelioma and its reasons. It is a type of cancer that comes from long-term exposure to commercial asbestos. The cancer is generally dangerous and can affect the lining which blankets the system's internal organs, the methoselium. What makes this specific cancer primarily lethal is that in many instances, medical diagnosis will usually happen too late, quite a few. Indicators will not disclose themselves up until the cancer have progressed to levels where it can't get treated.

As the patient, it's not easy to pick out a mesothelioma lawyer or attorney. This can be a significant issue and never something that may be resolved by reviewing newspaper or TV advertisements. Select a mesothelioma legal practitioner founded upon his or her experience. Investigate the law firms review their accomplishments as well as their commitment to mesothelioma cases. Make certain that you realize precisely how and what you are being charged.

Your lawyer needs to be qualified and professional. First and foremost, you have to be ready to have confidence in them. While the mesothelioma lawyer you decide on could have a great effect on the court case, the end result of the case also depends upon the facts of the circumstances.

Harry Hassami is the author and producers of The Mesothelioma Journal. The complete website information about the mesothelioma.

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Special Case Plea Made For Mesothelioma Claims Under Legal Aid Bill

Voting for or against amendments to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill has begun in Parliament. Included, are those provisions in personal injury awards, and changes affecting payments for mesothelioma compensation, as part of government measures to save £350 million a year and also speed up legal proceedings.

It can often be a long and challenging process for an asbestosis lawyer to bring a former employer and / or their insurers to court and establish liability for a claimant's mesothelioma or related asbestosis disease. Under the proposed government changes to the 'no-win, no fee' arrangements, it would be the successful mesothelioma claimant who would be required to pay up to a maximum of 25 per cent of the damages awarded and not the losing defendant.

The Review of Civil Litigation Costs 2009, which was set up to provide recommendations to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill also proposed that general damages awards for personal injuries and other civil wrongs should be increased by 10 per cent.

However, a sustained campaign has been mounted in a bid to make justice ministers reconsider their proposals aimed at preventing false or excessive claims, so that an injury payment awarded under an asbestosis or mesothelioma claim would be exempt for the time being from the changes.

Recognition is being sought from ministers of the special case for mesothelioma sufferers. There is an exceptionally long latency period of up to 50 or 50 years from the initial exposure and breathing in of asbestos fibres to the eventual appearance of asbestosis symptoms. Almost invariably, a patient can often have just few months to live from a confirmed diagnosis of mesothelioma, an incurable and fatal cancer - and at a time when both patient and their families need financial support and security.

Accordingly, while a delay to changes, which would affect an asbestosis claim is being considered, alternative, easier ways to track down former employers' insurers are also being put forward by justice ministers and an announcement is expected in July 2012.

However, the results of the voting in the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill have already seen the House of Lords calling for the reinstatement of amendments that had been earlier rejected by the House of Commons. Consequently, members of Parliament will now have to decide whether to accept the results of the peers' vote or seek to overturn the amendment once again.

Asbestos Victim Advice
Expert advice and information on mesothelioma and asbestos related illnesses.

Considering Lung Cancer - Just a Cough or Something Worse?

Lung cancer is a very common disease in the western world, and it is prevalent and well-known globally as well. How do you know if the cough you are experiencing is just that - a cough, and not something more serious, such as lung cancer? Every year, there are over a million deaths due to lung cancer. How can you make sure you are not one of the statistics?

Lung cancer is a difficult disease to diagnose. The actual signs of the disease are not usually visible until it is nearly too late to cure. The disease itself is an attack on the cells of the lungs. It can affect one or both lungs, but no matter where it tends to start, the disease can spread rapidly from the lungs to the lymph nodes (lymphoma), and to other sensitive organs in the body. Cancer may also spread in a reciprocal direction as well. Our spongy lungs cover a vast area of our upper torso and this "sponginess" is what helps to create an ideal environment for the disease. The walls of the lungs that separate the tissue from the blood allowing for the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide in a complex cycle are very thin. If cells in the lung become cancerous, it is possible that they could enter the bloodstream at some point and be carried to different organs and tissues within the body.

The risk factor of smoking is taught and advertised to most people on a regular basis in an effort to prevent the possibility of getting the disease, as smoking is considered to be the number one cause of lung cancer. While the risk factors can be more easily deduced, the actual symptoms for lung cancer are not as easy to diagnose as the disease. Many of the symptoms are simply indications that can be experienced on any given day, by any number of people, with any number of milder ailments.

So how can you tell the difference? One way is to "know yourself first." If an individual gets the occasional cough or cold, but over a course of time the coughs and/or colds become much more frequent and harder to treat, a consideration should be given to the possibility of disease. If any of the coughs are paired with a loss of appetite or weight loss, any sign of blood being coughed up, or a change in voice that is unexplained, the advice of a medical professional should be sought. In the same fashion that blood appearing in your urine or faeces can be a major symptom of colon or rectal cancer, the presence of blood coming from the chest when breathing or coughing can be a major symptom of lung cancer.

Because many symptoms of lung cancer are difficult to decipher, a thorough radiological examination, along with a healthy diet that does not include smoking, are the best measures to keep that cough as "just a cough" however any concern that you may have should be referred to a doctor as soon as possible.

The Royal Brompton Hospital is one of the world's leading heart and lung centres, renowned for its expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer. If you're looking for more information about early lung cancer symptoms visit us today.

Lung Cancer From Asbestos: Important Facts to Know and How to Cope With the Problem

What are asbestos? Asbestos are mineral fibers that can be separated into thin, durable threads. These fibers are resistant to heat, fire, and chemicals and do not conduct electricity. These minerals have been used widely in many industries. Chemically, asbestos are silicate compound of silicon and oxygen atoms in their molecular structure. The building and construction industries use asbestos for strengthening cement and plastics as well as for insulation, roofing, fireproofing, and sound absorption. The shipbuilding industries insulate boilers, steam pipes, and hot water pipes with these minerals. For their vehicle brake shoes and clutch pads, the automotive industry makes use of these fibers. Asbestos materials are also used in ceiling and floor tiles paints, coatings, adhesives, plastics and many others.

In recent years, due to widespread public concern about the health hazards of asbestos, domestic consumption had significantly dropped. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, the EPA and the International Agency for Research on Cancer, studies show that constant exposure to asbestos caused an increase in asbestosis syndrome, mesothelioma, gastrointestinal, colorectal cancers and other diseases. Early stage asbestos lung cancer is hard to detect because of lack of apparent symptoms. It usually begins in the bronchial lining or the bronchioles, lung air sacs and trachea. The cancer develops slowly but can spread and invade other parts of the body.

Like any other type of lung cancer, the diagnostic tests include physical exams, x-rays, ct scans, imaging tests, PET scan and biopsies. During the diagnostic procedures, you should provide the medical team with vital and relevant information on the extent of asbestos exposure. Factors such as how long has been the exposure, estimated volume of exposure, source, size, shape and chemical make- up of asbestos fibers, whether you are a smoker or non-smoker and current lung problem are important things your doctors should be aware of. With regards its chemical make-up, studies have suggested that if the exposure is with the amphibole asbestos rather than the chrysotile, the risk of developing malignant mesothelioma lung cancer is greater because of the tendency of the amphibole fibers to lodge in the lungs for a long time.

Asbestosis is a disease in which asbestos fibers can cause scarring, inflammation of tissues and growth of non-malignant tumors in the lungs. They are benign and do not spread to the other organs. On the other hand, with mesothelioma, the growth of tumors that occurs in the serious thin membrane linings are malignant and they grow fast and spread to the other organs. When it occurs in the lungs, it is called pleural mesothelioma. It is a rare type of lung cancer. You can detect it by x-rays and confirm by biopsy test. Traditional treatments recommended by a medical team depending on individual evaluation include radiation therapy, surgery and chemotherapy.

Prognosticating mesothelioma reveal serious mortality rates. Factors which affect prognosis are area of cancer, stage, histology, patient's general health, age and response to treatment. Survival rate for patients with high level of white cell counts, presence of SV40 virus and certain biochemical markers from date of diagnosis is only a few months. The median life expectancy rate is about a year.

There are still many work environments and trades in which people are constantly exposed to asbestos. You may belong to any of these groups. Some of them are operational engineers, steamfitters, sheet metal workers, pipe fitters, plumbers, metal lathers, merchant marine, firefighters, shipyard workers, industrial plant workers, plumbers, construction workers, asbestos plant workers, boilers, longshoremen, railroad workers, industrial painters, workers in glass factory, schools, power plants, cement plants, military, hotels, telephone companies, oil refinery, loading docks, hospitals, chemical plants, heating and air-conditioning, boiler or engine rooms, etc.

If you happen to believe having a prolonged exposure to asbestos and are experiencing abnormalities, it is to your best interest to undergo a comprehensive physical exam. You should have a complete x-ray of the front, back, side, and oblique views. Other tests are pulmonary function test, blood work, a CT scan, etc. Request your doctors to explain to you what the tests reveal. It you are diagnosed with a lung cancer from asbestos, have the courage to face it frontally and disclose your condition to your loved ones. Ask for their support and prayers. Seek a second opinion. Lastly, pray for supernatural healing!

My name is Jet Jones and I research and write about lung cancer info. Please visit my site at http://lungcancer-stages.com/ to find information about lung cancer stages and treatments that can help you better understand this dreaded disease.

First Therapeutic Vaccine for Advanced Lung Cancer Registered in the World

Between 1980 and 2008, the mortality rate from lung cancer in women has doubled. Each year it is seen a growth of 1.7%, while among men the rate is being reduced by 2%. Today, 28.6% of women aged 18 to 64 years and is estimated that 7.6 million people died just 2008 due to lung cancer, a number that it is expected to increased to eleven million in 2030.

It is quite possible that two of the biggest concerns of health-related the citizens express in any country in the world are AIDS and cancer. Although there are other diseases that have less "press" and charge a huge amount of victims every year, especially in tropical regions, the truth is that getting a vaccine effective against cancer or AIDS are among the main objectives of laboratories around the world.

Fortunately, the battle against lung cancer has won a new step: it is a therapeutic vaccine rather than preventive, developed by recombinant technology advanced lung cancer, CimaVax-EGF, that was created in Cuba by scientists at the Molecular Immunology Center Havana.

This Cuban drug was prepared after 15 years of research and is currently being administered in 65 health centers in Cuba and have taken steps necessary to register in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and several other nations.

According to Cuban experts, the drug can not prevent disease but to control advanced cancer to generate antibodies against proteins that trigger the uncontrolled cell proliferation processes.

It consists of a therapeutic tool that is part of the field of immunotherapy, in which it is intended that the patient's immune system triggers an effective response to control the growth of tumors.

The vaccine is composed of epidermal growth factor protein and P-64 K of the membrane, obtained by recombinant means. The vaccine was successfully applied to more than 1000 patients in Cuba, where his health record was held in June 2008.

The result is that the vaccine extends survival time of patients, but does not prevent or cure lung cancer.
Specialists described the vaccine as "very promising" that soon others will come into being tested in China and will open doors in Asia. Is also expected next clinical trial in countries like Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Britain.

According to Gonzalez (the proyect leader) they are still workings with the principle of this vaccine with the intent to use in developing therapies against other tumors such as prostate, uterus and breast cancer.

Pablo Rodriguez is a freelance writer and medical researcher. He has written multiples articles about cancer and specifically mesothelioma. He is currently studying a writer career at University of Buenos Aires.

If you want to read more articles about cancer and asbestos please check his blog: [http://mesotheliomatoday.com.ar/]

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